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News From Sound Cat

Moon Duo - Free Action, Live In Ravenna August 19, 2014
The summer is winding down, Labor Day is within sight and that means that the new release schedule is starting to heat up. In stock today are new releases by Wiz Khalifa, Julia Holter, Moon Duo, Apache Dropout, Imogene Heap, Benjamin Booker, Owl Johnson, JJ, Kimbra, Music Go Music, Bahamas, Bishop Allen, Elvin Bishop, Sinead O' Connor, Com Truise, Anberlin, Jason Adasiewicz, Castanets, Joy, Neal Morse and maybe more. Reissue-wise there is the Posies first album "Failure," another batch of Fela Kuti lp reissues. There are also reissues by Chet Baker, Django Reinhardt, Professor Longhair, The Eels, the Outsiders (the british outsiders on Captured Tracks), The Circle Jerks and Bob Carpenter. Let's get out there...
Video: Moon Duo - Free Action, Live In Ravenna
The Television Personalities - How I learned To Love The Bomb August 14, 2014
A completely full used lp is always cause for celebration! New to the used as of right this second are lp's by Belaboris, Dando Shaft, Dj Shadow, a great comp from Iraq of 78's called "Give Me Love", Golden Boys, Tommy Jay & Mike Rep, The Leather Uppers, Mahler, Monster Movie, Of Montreal, Owen, Ryan Power, Rolling Stones, Nikki Sudden, Television Personalities, Tripping Daisy, Xs, Larry Young, and two more cool comps a nice garage comp on Norton called "Train to Nowhere" and number 5 in the "Twistin' Rumble" series. There's also a number of other things but, come and so for yourself kiddies.
Video: The Television Personalities - How I learned To Love The Bomb
The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt August 12, 2014
A bit of a quiet New Release Day at the Cat with new music by Brian Setzer, Gaslight Anthem, and Adebisi Shank. There is also archival releases on cd by The Byrds, and Etta James as well as Dvd's by The Sex Pistols and Van Morrison. There's a new vinyl Greatest Hits by Johnny Cash as well as a live cd by Lucero. Finally, the Prestige label continues its lp reissues series with reissues of Pat Martino, Stan Getz/ Cal Tjader, Art Blakey, John Coltrane, and Cannonball Adderley. Here's a track from Gaslight Anthem's new disc
Video: The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt
5. Love Buzz (Nirvana- Bleach) August 8, 2014
The used lp bin is once again at full capacity, after i tirelessly cleaned lps in the long afternoon hours of yesterday. So new to the used at the Cat include The Ain't It Funky Now Comp, Chet Baker Trio, James Blake, Alex Chilton, Charlie Feathers, Fottutissima Pellicceria Elsa, The Leather Uppers, Mebusas, Nirvana, Renaissance, Jimmy Smith. Three Souls in my Mind (good Mexican rawking boogie psych and more. There's also a new batch of cheap records out there to to peruse. Here's Nirvana covering The Shocking Blue.
Video: 5. Love Buzz (Nirvana- Bleach)
SPOON - "Inside Out" August 5, 2014
There are plenty of New Releases today at The Cat to keep you tapping your feet in the summer heat. New In stock today are records (or in some cases cds) by Spoon, Bear In Heaven, The Rosebuds Naomi Punk, David Kilgour and the Heavy 8's, Spider Bags, Eric Clapton & Friends, John Lurie, John Zorn and Kevin Morby as well as quite a few others. Archival or reissue material includes Herbie Hancock, Craig Leon, A New Eccentric Soul Comp, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Red Garland, and John Coltrane. Lot's on goodies here folks, stop and by and see us and here's the video for the new Spoon single "Inside Out"
Video: SPOON - "Inside Out"
Articles: Wax and Wane: The Tough Realities Behind Vinyl August 1, 2014
It's taken me a couple of days to get a chance to read this extensive article on Vinyl sales, pressing plants, delays and more from the folks at Pitchfork. I can echo some of this frustration as the current everyday face of a record store, but i wonder what y'all think. this is part where you discuss...
Link: Articles: Wax and Wane: The Tough Realities Behind Vinyl's Comeback
Stardeath and White Dwarfs - The Frequency [Official Music Video] August 1, 2014
Hey folks just a little internet warning that we will be closing early this coming Monday August 4. Usually, Red Bob is here till 7 but he's got some things to do so he will be leaving at 5:45 which is when we are closing. Sorry for any inconvenience. We will be open normal hours on Tuesday (11-7). I can't think of a clever song thats not the Vogues, so here's a track from the new Stardeath and the White Dwarfs disc "Wastoid."
Video: Stardeath and White Dwarfs - The Frequency [Official Music Video]
July 31, 2014
I said i had a little more to squawk about and damn if I wasn't kidding. We got the copies of the New Mojo Mag with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on the cover. Also, Mike from Mind Cure dropped off copies of the new Beagle Brothers 7". More stuff includes copies of Old Crow Medicine Show as finally some more copies of the The Swans "To Be Kind" Come check things out.
Wire - Reuters (with lyrics) July 31, 2014
What a fantastic day to buy a used lp, and fortunate for yous out in webland i just filled the used bins. New to the used today includes lps from the Brothers Grand, Chris Corsano & Ben Chasny, Crime, The Cure, Dosh, The Folk Devils, Jonas Gwangwa, Ice Age, Dan Melchoir, MV & EE, The Non-Commissioned Officers, The Replacements, Sleaze, Joe Tex, Thin Lizzy, The Wipers & Wire. I also put out a ton of $4-$6 lps or will be at some point soon. Stay tuned i got more to squawk about soon.
Video: Wire - Reuters (with lyrics)

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