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News From Sound Cat

HUMAN HIGHWAY (Director July 22, 2016
Today marks the first official release of the Neil Young/ Dean Stockewell movie Human Highway on DVD. Neil apparently remastered it and added footage. Having seen the movie a few different times, i can only hope that the movie makes more sense, but from the viewing this trailer I'm not real sure. I will say that it is better than "Journey through the Past" and is highly recommended if you're a fan of Devo, Ed Wood and the worst best B movies of which we could list very many. Also, on tap for today are releases by Freddie Gibbs, John Zorn, Kenny Neal and Charlie Hunter.
Video: HUMAN HIGHWAY (Director's Cut) Trailer | Festival 2014
SANDRA BELL - Subway nihilism (1991) July 20, 2016
We a bunch of cool stuff in today to talk about including the new Mojo magazine with The Smiths (go figure kids Morrissey is actually smiling on the cover pic!) we also got caught up on Wire (Loren Mazzacane Connors and Circuit Des Yeux grace the covers). There's also a heaping hunk of various esoteric lp from Forced Exposure gumming up the new release bins which includes Acid Mothers Temple, Nurse With Wound, Pauline Oliveros, Jim O'Rourke and Fennesz, Rhys Chatham, Xenakis, Sutcliffe Jugend, PBK and Wolf Eyes, Peter Brotzmann, Albert Ayler (who would have been 80 last week), Suicide, Current 93 and the highly under rated/ under heard lp from the 90's by Sandra Bell. Here's a track from that lp
Video: SANDRA BELL - Subway nihilism (1991)
Jeff Beck - Live In The Dark [Official Lyric Video] July 15, 2016
July New Release Days really don't offer a ton of options, still there is some cool new release/ reissues on tap. On lp today is the new lp by A$ap Ferg and reissues of the later Sonic Youth lps (Rather Ripped, Sonic Nurse, Murray Street). On Cd today are releases from Jack and Amanda Palmer, Michael Kiwanuka, and Jeff Beck with reissues coming in from Frank Zappa, Cecil Payne and Duke Jordan as well as William Burroughs. Here a track from the new Jeff Beck
Video: Jeff Beck - Live In The Dark [Official Lyric Video]
Car Seat Headrest - "Vincent" Official Video July 8, 2016
New Release Day! New Release Day! New Release Day! On lp today there are releases by Car Seat Headrest, Julie Ruin, Avalanches and Aphex Twin with some Dead Can Dance Reissues as well. New Cds today include Car Seat Headrest, Julie Ruin, Kenny Garrett, Eric Gales, Boris, Aphex Twin, Jon Anderson/ Roine Stolt and a interesting three cd archival set by King Crimson. Here's a track off the new Car Seat Headrest.
Video: Car Seat Headrest - "Vincent" Official Video
Prix - Girl July 5, 2016
A whole lot of cool stuff of the underground-ish variety is making it out into the racks today at Sound Cat, via an order that just arrived from the fine folks at Revolver. Specifically, we just got in some LPs (and a few CDs) by the likes of 75 Dollar Bill, Masami Akita, Angry Angles, Artificial Brain, Tony Conrad, The Double, The Fall (Superior Viaduct reissues), Flying Saucer Attack, Michael Hurley (new album), Laraaji & Sun Araw, Cate Le Bon, Les Rallizes Denudes, Male Gaze, Thee Oh Sees (new live album), Prix (Big Star-related band from early '70s), Trad Gras och Stenar, Wolves in the Throne Room and a much more! Come have a look and in the meantime, how about a song from the Prix album...
Video: Prix - Girl
Fourth 4th of July - X (LP Version) 1987 July 4, 2016
Sound Cat will be closed today, Monday July 4th, in honor of the holiday. Have a safe and fun Independence Day! We'll be back at it as usual tomorrow and in the meantime, here's a song I probably used for this same post last year, but it's worth hearing at least once a year, anyway.
Video: Fourth 4th of July - X (LP Version) 1987
Bat For Lashes - Sunday Love (Official Video) July 1, 2016
The Fourth of July weekend isn't traditionally a big new release weekend and no surprise that today's release schedule is a little light. On lp today are releases by Oasis, Maxwell and Blink 182 as well as a reissues of Nick Cave's "Dig Lazarus Dig." On Cd today are releases by Oasis, James Blake, Blink !82, Bat for Lashes, Maxwell and and Eric Clapton Crossroads compilation. Reissues/ Archival cds come from Betty Davis, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, and Charlie Parker. Have a listen to a new track from Bat for Lashes.
Video: Bat For Lashes - Sunday Love (Official Video)
Harsh Toke - Mount Swan June 30, 2016
Got a whole bunch of good stuff in today which includes restocks and some late arrival new releases from the last few weeks. New stuff includes Melvins reissues (the three major label 90's lps), Case, Lang, Viers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Diarrhea Planer, DJ Shadow and a new split 12" between Earthless and Harsh Toke. Restock wise we got copies of the new Radiohead back in as well as lps from Grimes, Yo La Tengo, XX, Belle and Sebastian, El Vy, Vampire Weekend, Pixies, Pavement, Purity Ring and more. I was pretty high (pun intended) on the the self titled release from Harsh Toke which came out last year, i equally (s)toked for the new 12" and here's that track.
Video: Harsh Toke - Mount Swan
Neil Young & Promise of the Real - Mother Earth June 24, 2016
It's new release day folks! So, this week isn't as exciting as last with the Radiohead lp but there's still some good stuff. On lp are new releases by DJ Shadow and Deerhoof. On Cd are releases by Johnny Winter, Neil Young, Felice Brothers, DJ Shadow, Deerhoof, Sam Bush and the Avett Bros. Reissue cds come from T. Rex (born to boogie on dvd and cd) Pink Floyd and Jerry Garcia. Here's a track from the new Neil Young.
Video: Neil Young & Promise of the Real - Mother Earth
David Bowie - Five Years (Lyrics!) June 23, 2016
A bevy of lp restocks have arrived! If you've been pawing around the store and found that we were short of lps by Arctic Monkeys, Hop Along, David Bowie, The Grateful Dead, White Stripes, Black Keys, Wilco, Tom Waits, Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, Can, Francoise Hardy, The Stooges, Televison, M83, Prince, Replacements, The Smiths etc the good news is those sections have been beefed/filled/fattened up. Here's a favorite Bowie track on mine for musical accompaniment.
Video: David Bowie - Five Years (Lyrics!)

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