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News From Sound Cat

Moon in June November 25, 2015
This months magazines have arrived! Elvis Costello graces the new Mojo, which also comes with a Bob Dylan book, and articles on Jeff Lynne, The Beatles and the Velvet Underground. Uncut has Rod Stewart on the cover and articles on Joanna Newsom, The Doors and Julian Cope. Record Collector has Keith Richards on the cover and articles on Ace Records and Richard Farina. Last in the cue is Classic Rock with a Hollywood Vampires Cover (Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry) and articles on ELO and Genesis among others. We just finished hearing "Moon and June" by Soft Machine so now you can can too.
Video: Moon in June
Adele - Hello November 20, 2015
New Release Day at The Cat! Today on lp are release by Adele, Guided By Voices and Roger Waters with a few M83 reissues for good measure. On cd the new releases include GBV, Adele, Roger Waters, X___X, The Grateful Dead (2 versions) and Rush (3 versions) with reissues coming in by Queen, Beat Happening, and John Coltrane (2 versions). Here's a track from the new Adele.
Video: Adele - Hello
Tall Dwarfs - Ozone November 18, 2015
So much good stuff arrived at Sound Cat today, I hardly know where to start--but how about with a couple New Zealand classics available on LP for the first time in a while: Chris Knox's "Seizure" and the Tall Dwarfs' "Weeville." Plus, we got the fabulous Ork Records box set back in on vinyl and CD, new albums from Mark McGuire and Hieroglyphic Being, and a whole lot of LP restocks from A to Z (well, from Arctic Monkeys to Zeppelin). Come have a spin through our racks, but in the meantime, here's a track from "Weeville"...
Video: Tall Dwarfs - Ozone
Wilco - Random Name Generator November 18, 2015
Now playing at Sound Cat: Wilco, "Star Wars." It's taken me a couple of listens with Wilco's latest album, but I'm liking it more each's feeling to me like one of their most cohesive yet (fairly) adventurous records. Back in stock on LP today at the store, if you're thinking of taking the plunge.
Video: Wilco - Random Name Generator
Timeline Photos November 17, 2015
An order from Forced Exposure brings lots of interesting things into Sound Cat today, including the new issue of Byron Coley's entertaining zine Bull Tongue Review. Plus, in the realm of reading material, the new issue of The Wire is also here and, in the realm of vinyl, there are some new and reissued LPs from Brian Jonestown Massacre, Gun Club, Dream Syndicate, Coil, The Girls, Tim Hecker, Miles Davis, Bill Orcutt and more! Come on in and have a look.
Link: Timeline Photos
departmentstore santas - w - at the medieval castle (top shelf, 1984) November 16, 2015
Hey there, we're starting off the week here at Sound Cat by putting out a small but interesting batch of LP restocks today, including records from Beirut, Bell Witch, Devo, John Fahey, Liquid Liquid, Low, Mingus, Sleep, Sonic Youth, Unrest, Ryley Walker, and more--like a cool reissue on Superior Viaduct of an obscure '80s lo-fi classic from the Departmentstore Santas...
Video: departmentstore santas - w - at the medieval castle (top shelf, 1984)
Timeline Photos November 15, 2015
Used CD of the day: Various Artists, "Back From the Grave Volume 9." It had been a pretty long time since the last BFTG volumes, so it was exciting when Crypt laid this massive 30 song blast of garage on us earlier this year (and I think this CD combines the tracks from the two LPs). This is a kind of expensive import when new, but this copy will be a good deal for anybody looking for raw and largely unheard '60s stuff.
Link: Timeline Photos
Once upon a time November 15, 2015
Now playing at Sound Cat: Sonny Sharrock, "Ask The Ages." Sonny Sharrock's terrific album "Ask The Ages" was finally reissued on CD last week, which is cause for celebration in my mind since it's one of those records I never get sick of. Sharrock's got a great group of musicians here (Pharoah Sanders, Elvin Jones, and Charnett Moffett), and I would say it's one of the career highlights for all of them (which is saying a whole lot). Word is it will be reissued on vinyl sometime next year, which is also exciting news. In the meantime, have a listen...
Video: Once upon a time
I Bite Through It November 13, 2015
New Release Day! New today on lp are releases by Deafheaven, Panda Bear, Oneohtrixpointnever with reissues by Neil Young and Silkworm. New on Cd today are releases by Jeff Lynne's ELO, Oneohtrix Point Never, Panda Bear, Squeeze and Chris Isaak. There are reissues by Paul Butterfield, Kurt Cobain, Chico Hamilton, Neil Young, Eric Clapton and The Staple Singers. Here's a track from Oneohtrix Point Never album "Garden of Delete"
Video: I Bite Through It
Silkworm - Dont Look Back (1/8) November 11, 2015
In stock on Friday at Sound Cat: Silkworm, "It'll Be Cool" LP. At the end of the week, Silkworm's last album finally sees it's first release on vinyl. Though it's a slightly bittersweet listen since it was their final record, it will be nice to add this great record from a great band to your shelf.
Video: Silkworm - Dont Look Back (1/8)

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