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News From Sound Cat

Thurston Moore - Speak To The Wild October 20, 2014
In stock tomorrow at Sound Cat: Thurston Moore, "The Best Day." A new solo album from Mr. Moore will be in the racks on CD and LP tomorrow, and this one includes some of the most Sonic Youth-y tunes we've heard from him in a while. Says the review on Pitchfork: "The album may not approach the metal-meltdown extremes of last year’s one-off with Chelsea Light Moving, but it does leave the drumstick-scraped guitars and humming amplifiers plugged in, displacing the acoustic quietude of 2007’s Trees Outside the Academy and 2011’s Demolished Thoughts with a distinctly Sonic Youth-ian discord."
Video: Thurston Moore - Speak To The Wild
Faust — No Harm October 16, 2014
I loaded the used lp bins last night and once again they are sopping with really great used lps. So if you happen to be looking for used lps by Pepper Adams/Frank Foster, Ark, Charles Brown, Sandy Bull, Kevin Coyne, Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, Faust, Fleetwood Mac, Boris Gardiner, Group Doueh, Michael Hurley and the Holy Modal Rounders, Bert Jansch, Jar'd Loose, Led Zeppelin, Mission of Burma, The Monks, National Health, The Nomads, Rev Louis Overstreet, Pavement, Chuck Prophet, Lou Reed, Rocket From The Tombs, Roots, Roots of Madness, Lalo Schifrin, Robin Scott, The Sea Donkeys, Bola Sete, The Shop Assistants, Shel Silverstein, Woody Shaw/ Anthony Braxton, The Stevens, Tom Ze, the Sublime Frequencies comp Princess Nicoteen and a bunch more. Lighten up folks, everything is beautiful now
Video: Faust — No Harm
Melvins - Eyes On You (Hold It In / 2014) October 14, 2014
From vinyl to plastic, here are this weeks new cds! Today offers up new platters by The Melvins, Kenny Barron with Dave Holland, Bob Seger, Chris Duarte, U2 (reg and dlx), Jimmy Thackery, Foxygen, Pharmakon, We Were Promised Jet Packs, Kevin Morby, Vashti Bunyan, Menace Ruine, Popa Chubby, and Rob Mazurek. There are also reissue titles (or greatest hits) by Madeline Peyroux, Hailu Margia, and Jaco Pastorius. Here's a Melvins track for yinz.
Video: Melvins - Eyes On You (Hold It In / 2014)
Unwound: No Energy October 14, 2014
Another New Release Day, another day where The Cat is full of great stuff! New on Lp today are releases from Foxygen, U2, Vashti Bunyan, The Terminals, Kevin Morby, Stars, United Nations, Institutute, Walter TV, We were Promised Jetpacks, Museum of Love, Pharmakon, Girl Hears. There are also some sizeable reissues in the form of Unwound, Jimi Hendrix, Jawbreaker, LCD Soundsystem, Hailu Mergia, Iron Maiden and The Aisler's Set. Stay tuned for the cd list coming soon and here's a track from Unwound to get your morning blood up!
Link: Unwound: No Energy
Foxygen - "Cosmic Vibrations" (Official Audio) October 13, 2014
In stock tomorrow at Sound Cat: Foxygen, "...And Star Power." Foxygen's new album will be here at the store on CD and LP tomorrow. When we played the advance copy, it reminded us a bit of Todd Rundgren, and it did the same for Pitchork--from PF's review: "In its most fully realized moments, '…And Star Power' is the album Todd Rundgren could’ve released between 'Something/Anything?' and 'A Wizard, a True Star,' its best songs striking an uncanny balance between the exquisite balladry of the former and the progged-out fantasias of the latter."
Video: Foxygen - "Cosmic Vibrations" (Official Audio)
October 10, 2014
The New Mojo has landed at The Cat! Here are some stimulating teasers: "Our Sweat is Your Spam," "My Voice was a Weapon," "Sex, Suicide and British Steel," "Jack White Remembers....," and finally Susie Creamcheese, What's Got into You? For the answers, come hang at The Cat, babies.
Fairport Convention ~ Meet On The Ledge October 9, 2014
I move a little slower on days like today. Perhaps after an unusual sunny, not oppressive summer the constant gray is disorienting. Even so, i did fill up the used lp bin today and there's some interesting pieces worth your attention. Those pieces may include The Nonesuch Explorer Sampler, as well as titles from Africa and the Himalayas, A nice Folkways comp of the Mountain Music of Peru, as well as titles by The Band, Battles, The Beatles, Divine Horsemen, Bob Dylan, The Electric Prunes, Eli Radish, Fairport Convention, Rasaan Roland Kirk, Mirah, Rolling Stones, The Secret Museum of Mankind, Senor Soul, Bola Sete, The Skull Defekts and a few others. Some days are made for Fairport Convention and I think this might be one of them.
Video: Fairport Convention ~ Meet On The Ledge
Weezer - Cleopatra (Audio) October 7, 2014
Alright, let's talk new release cd's now! New at The Cat today are releases by Los Straightjackets with Deke Dickerson, Weezer, SBTRKT, The El Michels Affair, Flying Lotus, EX-Hex, Single Mothers, Caribou, Iceage, Pissed Jeans, Ry Cooder, Jeff Healy, Bill Frisell, Johnny Marr, and Bela Fleck. There's also a pretty Zappa and the Mothers DVD focusing on the years 69-73. Here's a track from the new Weezer.
Video: Weezer - Cleopatra (Audio)

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